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The New Face of the Middle East

April 20, 2011


Youthful, rebellious, romantic young people in trendy sunglasses, and stylish jeans who share their experiences with university students overseas through Skype . Sounds like you or someone you know? Well, this is the new Middle East. “Young people will be the voice and the face of Islam and Muslims now,” says Asad Jafri, Director of […]

Contrasts of Neatness

March 26, 2011


It has been almost three weeks since my visit to Alexandria, Egypt where about 40 journalists gathered to discuss various issues. You can check the recollection of some of the Tweets here. The conference and the discussions were all serious and inspiring, however, Alexandria’s toilet hygiene impressed me the most. My brother appreciates a locale, […]

Change One Can Make

April 4, 2010


Take a look at how one Syrian family living in Pakistan  can bring a change to so many families in this volatile country,  often seen as one of the most dangerous countries of our time.

The Al Barmawys: Building Cross-Cultural Bridges

March 26, 2010


By Naveed Ahmad, Alia Turki Al-Rabeo and Ruzanna Tantushyan The Al Barmawys Maath Al Barmawy makes a daily impact on the lives of as many people as an average person does in a lifetime. Being a Syrian emigrant living in Pakistan Al Barmawy is working to open the same doors for his new countryman.  While […]

USA: Misconceptions about Misconceptions

March 20, 2010


When Neil MacFarquhar, the United Nations bureau chief for The New York Times was  back home from yet another trip to Middle East  a friend asked him “So, are there any people we can related to, people like us in the Middle East?” “Why? What are you reading?” asked MacFarquhar in response. “The New York […]