Building Crosscultural Bridgest: Meet the Al Barmawys

Posted on March 25, 2010


This is a story of a Syrian family dedicated to the development of their newly adopted home, Pakistan. This is also a story of cross-cultural communication. This Syrian family, living in Karachi, Pakistan for the last 25 years exemplifies the possibility of living in harmony with other cultures within the region.

Maath Al Barmawy, 44-year-old Syrian is a successful businessman placing Pakistani talent in overseas companies. He is also the head of a big family. With two wives of diverse origins and 4 sons he celebrates various cultures on a daily basis.

Despite the unfavorable economic, political and volatile safety conditions Al Barmawy continues to seek and place hardworking Pakistanis to work. Opening doors for Pakistanis to improve their financial conditions he also opens a window for other countries and cultures to get to know Pakistan and its people a little better.

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